Dear Kids, Sorry About this Morning

Honest to God

You both just busted your way out of the house about ten minutes earlier than you had to and I am in my "quiet time"--you know--the 35 minutes between when you leave and when Haddie gets up. I finally washed my face off, blew my nose, and took a deep breath. I want to explain my little outburst this morning. Here's what went on in my mind before your alarm clocks ever went off this morning: "Today is Tuesday--my day to pack lunches and make breakfast and make sure everyone is out fed, healthy, happy and on time--armed with a smile, a hug and all the moral support they will need to have a … [Read more...]

A Sociology Lesson: School Lunches

Typical Mom Lunch

No, not lunch TIME, lunches. As in: the food that is consumed for lunch. An entire Psychology of the Family 101 syllabus could be written based on what may, or may not, be found in our kids' lunches. First, let me point out that much like everything in our nutty lives, Chris and I split lunch prep duty evenly. Monday-him. Tuesday-me. Wednesday-him. Thursday-me. And we alternate every other Friday. It is a "lunch bag" shared custody agreement if you will. It is a well-known fact that Mom lunches rock and Daddy's lunches are---"um, Dad can I buy??" This week I found out that Sam had … [Read more...]