Smelling Hay, Shedding Hose, Crushing Ice


I walked into the house this afternoon after a long day. In his typical OCD way, Chris had scrubbed the counters and folded 9 kitchen towels... all in the exact same pattern. He had also rearranged the family room furniture. The man is so busy that he literally snoozes in 1 minute increments. Yet, on a rainy Wednesday afternoon, he spends hours rearranging furniture and folding kitchen towels. I shake it off only to see Hadley bolting down the stairs. She is dressed in pink sweat shorts, a blue sequined shirt and my black patent leather boots. This seems completely and utterly normal … [Read more...]

Not Sure This Day Really Happened–SURREAL

Have you ever gotten in the car, driven all the way home, pulled in the garage, parked the car and walked into the house only to realize in a PANIC that you have no idea how you got there? You don't remember a turn, a signal,  or a stop sign--you are just happy you are home alive. Well, imagine if you walk into the house and everyone stares at you--you are standing there clothes tattered, one heel broken, crusted blood on your nose. You smile feebly. You have no explanation. You silently reach for wine and hobble upstairs to draw a hot bath. That was me. Today.  I am not sure of all the … [Read more...]

The Meyer Family Annual Review: Ninjas, Felons, and Starkers

To, Her His Word Is Truth

  Rebranding. Revitalizing. Refreshing. Call it what you will, but the transformation of my practice RE-ally sucked the life out of us this year. 2012 started out with my practice too busy to sustain. It was apparent in the midst of flu season that Amy and I would need some help (either in the form of a new doctor or prescription meds.) Besides, at home my kids were REvolting---“When is Mom gonna cook dinner again??” Chris would flip the pancakes (breakfast for dinner again) and reassure them. “Soon”. I “interviewed” many doctors and became rapidly discouraged. Wrong for me. … [Read more...]

Hiccoughs, Lavender and a Verbose 12 Year-Old

PB Lavender Retreat Dried Lavender

I am already a fairly impatient person. Especially on Monday nights. That is my "night at home." It is, in other words, my night as a single parent. So, despite weekly mental peptalks along the 2.5 mile drive home  ( I will be supportive, I will be calm, I will not check my email, I will make them laugh --a mantra repeated,) Monday afternoons are always a train wreck. Stress thins my already anemic patience and  hiccoughs make me downright irrational. So, tonight as my entire body is racked with involuntary jerk after involuntary jerk, my fuse is shortening by the nanosecond. Further, the … [Read more...]