Vitamix: A Lunchtime Debate

Over lunch today, Chris and I had a very typical “discussion.” I want a Vitamix. He thinks it’s ridiculously expensive.

The Most Beautiful Kitchen Appliance Ever

The Most Beautiful Kitchen Appliance Ever

Disclaimer: If you believe any of the following, please read no further.
1. A Cap’n Crunch coating is just the thing to “liven up” a boring chicken breast.
2. A can of Cream of Mushroom soup is capable of transforming a humble pile of ingredients into a one dish dinner.
3.The microwave is a fine appliance for cooking an entire meal.
4. Thomas Keller* is just some guy.

*The chef/owner of The French Laundry: arguably the WORLD’s best restaurant (Yountville, CA)
Chris took me to Yountville for my 40th birthday but since he didn’t realize that reservations for the FL are made three years in advance, I was only able to touch the outside wall and peer longingly into a completely blacked out window. It’s ok–he meant well. I am over it. Really, I am.
Thomas Keller

Thomas Keller

If you are still reading, chances are you are like me: a bona fide food geek (FYI we prefer the politically correct term “food enthusiast” or “foodie” for short.)

As a foodie, not only do I love to eat and cook, I think about cooking and eating all day. At night, I read cookbooks for fun (I know that is a little geeky) and fall asleep to the melodic tones of Guy Fieri’s voice.

So, it shocks many that know me to hear that, as of this date, I do not own a Vitamix. Don’t leave to hit Google. I am going to explain.

In a word, Vitamix is the Rolls Royce of kitchen blenders and food processors. It actually has the horsepower of a lawn mower. In the lunch time debate I had with Chris today, I thought I would win him over with the whole horsepower thing—but sadly, he was unfazed citing the following:

1.) I already own 11 (eleven) different types of blenders/processors/smoothie makers.
2.) At a whopping $600, a Vitamix literally costs more than ALL of the clothes he owns.

I countered with my “Top 5 Reasons I NEED a Vitamix.”

5. It is powerful enough to spin a bunch of raw, unprepped veggies into a creamy HOT soup—no stove necessary–think of the natural gas we will save.

4. That same power can churn fruit directly into a sorbet in under 10 minutes–no freezer required–think of the electricity we will save.

3. The thing is designed to be able to blend 120,000 frozen drinks in the course of its life—we won’t live nearly that long.

2. Vitamix employs 4 (FOUR) repair technicians to service its 3.7 million units (really.)–you totally love high quality gadgety type things….this is QUALITY!

1. In his Ad Hoc cook book, Chef Keller ALWAYS instructs us to place ingredients “into the Vitamix.” He NEVER says “processor, blender, Cuisinart”–he is very specific–it has to be a Vitamix. And, given his status as the WORLD’S best chef, who could argue?

Chris could.

Breathless, I concluded with the following “bring it home” point:

“….and you know what else?? You can make a smoothie and just throw an entire apple in there! No peeling, no coring, no nothing! Imagine how the health of our children will improve with the use of this one appliance.”

For a second, I thought I had him. Then he retorts:

“So, what you’re saying is that you need this thing to make apple smoothies? With the core and peel and everything?” ooooh I’ve got him now! He’s thinking about all the fiber and nutrients in those unprepped apples!

He swigs his stupid, processed, completely from concentrate orange juice with a loud gulp and says, “You realize that I have never in my life seen you or anyone else enjoy an apple smoothie right? And, just for your information, apple seeds are full of arsenic. You do core and seed those apples carefully before you feed them to my kids right?”



  1. From one foodie to another….just laughed out loud at Chris’s comments about the apple seeds.

  2. Susie Collins says:

    Noooo! That was NOT the happy ending I wanted to hear. I also do not have a Vitamix. But I do have a copy of Service Included, written by one of Kellers Per Se staffers about her experience there, if you would likevto borrow that. I hsd reservations at Per Se to celebrate 40 with my dearest childhood friend in August 2011 – the day they shut NYC down due to the hurricsne. Sigh. So you have come closer than I

    • OMG! I would LOVE to borrow that–Per Se is on my list—but, you will be not so shocked to hear that my corny husband would rather fly 6 hours to the west coast than drive to Manhatten…lol

  3. From the owner of a Vitamix….You have to get one. My husband is so cheap and when my mom bought one he kept telling me not to even think about it and we are not spending that much for a blender. Take him to one of the demos at Wegmans….it’s all about the nutrition :) We go ours refurbished from and it was $400. You can’t tell the difference between new and refurbished. It came with all the cookbooks and a 5yr warranty. Wow, I must say that is a nice collection of blenders you have there!

  4. I own Vitamix and i use it at least 2 times a day. Its amazing! I got it for Christmas only because i told my husband to buy it refurbished from vitamix web site. Its half off and it came with 7 year waranty. My favorite thing in the kitchen :) good luck!

  5. I desperately want a Vitamix also. Here is a thought…..sell some of those 11 so you have more leverage-money AND need.

  6. You had me at horsepower, R R R lol,

  7. Stephanie says:

    Keep an eye on QVC. They had it on today’s special value for $479 AND easy pay AND it came with a bunch of extras. If it comes on again I’m getting it!!

  8. Jennifer Amour says:

    I have a similar problem here. My husband constantly complains about my collection of small appliances. I keep telling him I just need a bigger kitchen. We can’t buy a Vitamix, but I did get a Nutri-bullet for $100.00 and it works great. I do put entire fruits and veggies in it and make great smoothies and soups. It even liquefies almonds. I do core the apples first:)

  9. I own a Vitamix and love it. My husband purchased one for my 40th birthday (yes, that was the gift I asked for…) We also went the route of purchasing refurbished, and you cannot tell the difference. It came with a great recipe book. I think he uses it more than I do for smoothies. You will not regret your purchase and neither will your husband!

  10. Check out QVC. They often have it as there Today’s Special Value item. That’s where we got ours. It was my husband who really wanted it. He even went as far as to ship it to our vacation condo this summer. Everyone was so jealous at the pool when he brought out the tray of frozen drink. I have to admit it is pretty awesome! Good luck!

  11. I have a Vitamix and love it! Worth every penny. Consumers reports gives the ninja very high marks as well for much less. Good compromise….

  12. Another vote for the Vitamix! It is worth the investment.

  13. Lol, have to admit I saw the arsenic comment coming!

  14. Use mine every day. Wanted one since I was a teenager. Best deals on QVC. You can put a whole lemon in, if its organic!

  15. We have a Vitamix and it is fantastic. Makes awesome smoothies – although I must admit I love it even more for it’s talent with a frozen drink! But…I must say that you definitely need to clean out that (very organized) pantry full of electronics. That’s insane! Sell a few of those and buy yourself the Vitamix – it should replace most of them.

  16. We bought our Vitamix at Bed Bath & Beyond. You can use a 20% off coupon AND even with the superb warranty you can return or exchange it at any time for any reason (not that it will ever break. Ever.)

  17. Victoriya Hageney says:

    I hear you. I am the same way. Although, I do not to bring that kind of discussion to the table so we both happy. I just buy it:)
    Anyway, Vitamix is def worth it if you I gonna use it ( you know yourself right). I cook a lot and I cook from scratch…I use vitamix couple of times right after i bought it( out of excitement). But I really am not using it at all now. I am probably just to lazy to get it out and clean it (although the clean up is much easier than anything else I owe) but it’s still a hassle. So if you use your 11 appliances go ahead and buy one more:)

  18. This is awesome and hilarious! Does Chris read your blog??? Good responses! He will cave. Maybe I should come into my next appointment with a smoothie and a soup. we must win him through his tummy (although the made from concentrate OJ does leave me doubtful)

  19. FYI – if you are in Yountville again, I have been to the French Laundry several times and always as a walk-in. Frequently, those folks who make their rsvp’s years ahead either forget or don’t show up for some other reason. Sometime you have to try on a couple of different days

    PS: I think Thomas Keller’s Per Se in Manhattan is better experience (although I have had to RSVP there)

  20. I used Claire’s vitamix and my ninja for blending the soup for last years foodfight. Sorry, but I would take the ninja. It puréed better (3 blades)and holds almost double the amount. While the vitamix was stronger, I just used the ice crush mode (step higher than blend) and it was just as good power wise. I made a lot of soup and blended lots to include crab shells. You also get a lot more accessories and also a dough mixer. You could buy four of these for the price of one vitamix. Sorry, but I’m siding with Chris!

  21. Sandra Kowalski says:

    Don’t you hate it when, just when you think you’ve got’em, they comeup with some really “dumb” incredibily smart fact that just blows you’re whole argument! LOL loved it! sorry Dr. Meyers

  22. Please don’t pay $600 for a new Vitamix, the refurbished models are as good as new and a fraction of the price.

    I did a lot of research before buying mine and found this site that explains all of the different refurbished packages and even has a free shipping code. The one I got is awesome and I can’t believe I ever lived without one.

    And as for the arsenic in the apple seeds, there’s not nearly enough apple seeds in one apple to create enough arsenic to hurt you or your kids. :)

  23. My mother in law insisted on buying me one. I thought it was too expensive. But it is AWESOME. worth it and makes paleo recipes a breeze

  24. I found this page while filling out the Christmas lists and can totally understand where you are coming from! My friends use their Vitamix for EVERYTHING. The price is worth it. My dilemma Blendtec vs Vitamix was settled after reading this article

    I still didn’t want to spend all that money, so I’ve been waiting for a good deal on Vitamix reconditioned and came across this deal at Fatwallet for $30 off reconditioned plus free shipping from Christmas is going to good in this home!

    Hope this helps push Chris over the edge!


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