The Government Shutdown: Two Sides

veteranflag.ashxI, like many Americans, am embarrassed.

Imagine one of those dreary winter days where getting out of bed seems like a marathon. Most of us would hit the snooze a couple of times but eventually, stumble out of bed.

Scalding water and hot coffee would do wonders for that lack of motivation.

It seems that our congress, made up of well-paid officials elected “by the people and for the people,” has pulled the covers over it’s head and said “not today.”

Well, Mr. Boehner, Mr. Obama, and everyone else who can’t possibly come up with another solution, hate to break it to you but you are fresh out of “mental health” days. So, please quit your whining-crying-sandwich-buying-won’t-budge rhetoric and reopen the government—it is THE GOVERNMENT for God’s sake. All we are asking for right now is a budget; a sensible budget that appeases both sides. Come on! Should Chris and I come down there and show you how it’s done? Because if the two of us can agree on a budget….

I Feel Bad....

I Feel Bad….

....really I do.

….really I do.

Oh sure, the TSA will keep at it, and our federal emergency responders will respond, and Medicare and Medicaid will keep paying me to take care of sick people. So, I guess since this is only a “semi” shut down, it’s not that bad. I am pretty sure no one else in the civilized world watching us believes that.

Meanwhile, my kids college funds took a beating this week because the stock market is all skittish, 800,000 people are sitting at home fretting over paying the bills with anemic paychecks, and Dennis, who waited 35 years to walk the battlefields at Gettysburg will have to wait a bit longer.

I wonder how much time and money it took to print those fancy signs that say “Due to the government shutdown….”

This Guy's Not Furloughed

This Guy’s Not Furloughed


The fiasco unfolding between John Boehner’s Republicans and the Obama Democrats takes me back to the Romney vs. Obama debates. As I listened carefully to both sides, trying to weigh the pros and cons of each, an image kept popping into my head. It was not of the White House Oval Office. It was not of the American flag flying freely in a breeze. It was of a Port-a-Potty versus a hole in the ground.

This week, just like election week, I find myself torn between the two sides. One just stinks, and the other…well you better just watch where you step.

One Side....

One Side….

....vs. the Other

….vs. the Other


  1. I love and agree with your analogy!

    My husband and I are talking about becoming Independents.

    • Shannon Stanek says:

      I was an independent. Then I moved to PA. If you can’t and don’t vote in the primaries you really have very little say in this state. Keep your party affiliation. Research the people running in your primary and vote. If you become an independent in this state the dems are happier and the tea party is happier and all moderation is lost.

      Christine, when I went to dc last week and met with congressman Gerlach, I said pretty much the same thing. Thanks for putting it to more eloquent words

      • I live in PA, have been Independent for years. I just change my voter ID before the primaries & change back.

  2. You are right on track with this Dr. Meyer. I too am ashamed of our, please excuse the word, “leaders”. They are all acting like little children who don’t want to share their toys. The difference is that children at least snap out of it when an adult tells them to stop it. These “leaders” don’t listen at all to the adults (us) around them. They think they are the be all and end all. They all need a long “time out”. I can’t believe what I heard on the news this morning. The swimming pool that the senators and other legislators use remains open during the government shutdown! Of course it does. After all, our “leaders have to be able to exercise in order to relieve the stress caused by their stupidity. Shame on you all – what would your Mothers say? Marlene

  3. florence o'donnell says:

    Look closely….when you hear that this is a “negotiation”..The CR is budget that was approved by our Republican house, they already “negotiated” and won sequestration. All who are now screaming that they need to negotiate further voted to close down our government. Remember that our Republican house said 2 weeks ago that they had to shut down our gov’t to defund the Affordable Care Act. This was never a “negotiation” time.

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