The Meyer Family Annual Review: Ninjas, Felons, and Starkers


Meyer Family in New Orleans, Easter 2012


Rebranding. Revitalizing. Refreshing.

Call it what you will, but the transformation of my practice RE-ally sucked the life out of us this year. 2012 started out with my practice too busy to sustain. It was apparent in the midst of flu season that Amy and I would need some help (either in the form of a new doctor or prescription meds.) Besides, at home my kids were REvolting—“When is Mom gonna cook dinner again??” Chris would flip the pancakes (breakfast for dinner again) and reassure them. “Soon”.

I “interviewed” many doctors and became rapidly discouraged. Wrong for me. Wrong for them. Wrong time. Just plain wrong. Then, on April 19, 2012, my life changed. I had agreed reluctantly to meet this friend of a friend who was moving back to the area. That Thursday morning, I went for a run, passively did not shower and sat in Starbucks brooding aggressively. Every time the door opened I said silent prayers—please don’t let that be her—she looks nice but what is with those shoes?-way too young —way too old.

Then it happened. The door swung open and She appeared (don’t get excited, I am still the SHE) The point is, literally from the moment I saw her (she has the most perfect eyebrows) and certainly after I spoke to her for five minutes I knew Dr. Joan McFadden was right for my practice.

Her arrival and instant acclimation has changed my life at work and therefore my life at home. Not only do I cook again, but I am HOME (mentally and physically) and just in the nick of time.

You see, Maisy is twelve. I feel that should be enough explanation. For those of you inexperienced in having twelve year old girls, I will elaborate. Her father and I are morons. When M does speak to us, we often stand dumbfounded staring at each other hoping the other has a clue what she just said. Her cell phone (a brilliant reverse psychology gift turned sour) is glued to her hand. She needs PT for her constantly flexed neck and basically can walk miles without ever looking up. However, Maisy is the most self- motivated and disciplined kid I know. She continues to dominate her classes, her cello, and men four times her size as a Sho Dun Ho Black Belt.

Sam is ten. Today he came downstairs in unrecognizable pants. When queried, he explained “These are the pants the nurse gave me that time I slipped and fell in the puke… they are so comfortable!” He did not get an argument from me. I was just happy to see him wearing pants– as the vast majority of his life is spent in his underwear. He is a kind, gentle soul. My girls will watch me struggling with 17 grocery bags, balancing a computer bag and purse while trudging through the rain in 6 inch heels. They will think nothing of asking right then if I know where their favorite skinny jeans are (and really Haddie has no business in skinny jeans.) Not Sam. He bolts right up and gets to work. He also is smart enough to not mention the words “skinny” and “jeans” to his 41 year old mother. Maisy calls him a suck up. I call him my prince.

Then there is the princess of our home. Hadley Grace is now 5. She is strikingly beautiful, lives for new shoes and is heartbreakingly bad. No really, she is BAD. For example, this year, Haddie committed her first felony. After stopping in with me at Wawa, she got in the car and refused to take her hand out of her pocket. After much cajoling she opened her tiny sweaty fist to reveal four melting Tootsy Rolls (ok, I know that is technically not a felony but when it comes to Hads it is just matter of time). We tried to drop her off at the precinct but were rejected. So she gets by on her beauty alone.

Thank God for Chris, our rock. He basically slogs through every day. Billions of patients, preteen daughter, impending new building purchase, at times unstable wife, and he remains happier, kinder, and as patient as ever.

Despite a crazy dog, two parents with chronic fatigue, one ninja with PMS, one felon with a shoe fetish, and one pants-less kind soul (thankfully Chris usually keeps his pants on,) our family remains blessed beyond belief.

We hope this year you are all equally blessed with health, happiness, and an abundance of pants.





  1. Promise to continue sharing your fabulous stories with us! Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family and a Happy, Healthy, Blessed and Prosperous New Year!

    Jeanie and Bill Eves

  2. I like pants! We have a 5 yr old also … Amen sister!

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