The Price of a Cuisinart and Cat Food

Some facts that you need to recall in order to appreciate this post:

1. I love coffee and kitchen appliances.
2. I hate pets.
3. Chris is cheap.

Ok, I admit it was not a fiscally responsible thing to do. However, sometimes you just have to LIVE. After all, life is short. Despite having a perfectly good (in fact, great) Keurig, I used my last 20% off Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon to buy a state-of- the-art new Keurig. It has a number of features that make it superior to the one I currently own:

So Beautiful

So Beautiful

1. An 80 oz water reservoir–I can make 10 cups without refilling.
2. A “rinse” setting–after my kids make their hot chocolate, I don’t have to have mocha flavored coffee (after all, I am a coffee-purist.)
3. It has a stainless steel finish.

So, without hesitation, I plunked down the Visa and marched happily out of the store. I arrived home only to have my joy shattered by a nagging, cheap, non-coffee-non-kitchen-appliance connoisseur.


I stomped my feet, turned on my heel and DID NOT unpack the thing–stopped short by a nagging feeling he was sort of right. Damn him.

Hours later, I pouted silently as we drove to the pet store to purchase a special cat food for our “hyperthyroid cat.” Although the special food was right on the shelf, we were not allowed to buy it without a prescription. And, apparently, prescriptions written by pediatricians were not acceptable. I guess there has been a run on food for hyperthyroid cats lately, so pet stores are cracking down.

We made the detour to our lovely veterinarian and her family owned practice. (by the way, I adore them.) Fortunately, they were able to sell us the food there and we did not need to double back to the pet store with a prescription. I sat in the car mourning my soon to be returned state-of-the-art coffee machine while Chris ran in. Minutes later, he emerged with a bag of cat food no larger than a 5 lb. bag of flour. Chris tossed it to me and I uttered the first words I had said to him in hours.

“How much was THAT?”

Mind you, I don’t really care what the cat food cost. I am just primed to make a point about how ludicrous it is to drive all over the county in search of special cat food–think of all the GAS we wasted!


“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Twenty six dollars for a bag of cat food that will last a WEEK feeding a 14-year-old cat with hyperthyroidism that is going to die anyway??” I am breathless after my little outburst… but I feel better.

“Um, hate to break it to you darling, but I don’t think it’s reasonable to spend $200 on a coffee machine feeding the habit of a 42 year-old princess who’s going to–how’d you put it?— ‘die anyway’.”

Damn him.


  1. Chris never fails to make laugh. A great morning read for sure!

  2. Prescription veterinary diets are prescription is to prevent people from feeding it to healthy cats. The foods are formulated for specific diseases and as such can result in ill effects when fed to the wrong cat. That being said it is extremely annoying when you have to go back and forth all over the place for a cat you KNOW needs that food.

    Hopefully you got a good cup of coffee in the end!

  3. thanks for my Sunday morning laugh out loud! And here’s my opinion on spending money…you work hard…you deserve to get anything you want…maybe in 5 years the coin of the realm won’t mean crap anyway…at least you will have enjoyed great coffee!

  4. Oh my gosh, I have to take your husbands side on this one. You do make my day and I laugh out loud at your posts.

  5. Check mate.

  6. I actually LOVE my cats, but I HATE having to have an RX – even when I go to the same store each time to buy the food (can’t they have a record of that?), I hate having to replace that RX each year (like my cat is going to “grow out” of IBS), etc. As for the Keurig . . . I am NOT a doc, but I work my butt off and earn a decent living. I probably would not buy another coffee maker (especially since I have a duplicate in the pantry already), but I did rationalize a second car – a convertible, of course! Life is WAY too short! Enjoy!


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