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That is a picture of a tow truck removing our flooded BMW from the driveway.

Open sunroof + torrential rain + computers under the carpets = the second car I’ve mangled this month.

More when I can string a sentence together again.


  1. I know a good mechanic….

  2. Joe Cunningham says:

    This beats “As the World Turns”

  3. Shannon Stanek says:

    Jamie says technically its Chris’ fault. He got home after you last night.

  4. that’s just not right blaming chris, Just not a car girl I see LOL LOL

  5. I’m sorry about your car and computers. There was so much flooding and damage from the flooding yesterday. Navigating the roadways was “interesting” to say the least. I’m “usually” a glass half full type of person, so there is one positive note though – at least you and the kids were not stranded in the car on a flooded highway. I hope that your insurance will help to cover the damage. Hang in there.

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