“Well, Doc Now You’re Embarassed Aren’t You?”

Yes. Yes I am.

On every Friday afternoon between Thanksgiving and Christmas the two mile ride home from my office can take in excess of 20 minutes. And, to add to that travesty, every Friday afternoon between Thanksgiving and say, Easter, I leave the office at least an hour later than I wanted to.

Tonight was no different. As I hauled my crap and coat and aching feet to my car, I ran through the checklist in my mind. Left on 30. Left on Quarry. Pick up excessive amount of food at wings place. Home. Jammies on (shut up yes I can put my jammies on at 630 pm) Eat excessive grotesque food. Drink cold refreshing beer. Collapse into the most comfortable bed. Watch 15 different shows in exactly 90 second snippets (Chris has remote).

That was the well laid plan that I was still finalizing when I pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant. I eyed the packed parking lot (everyone eats gross food in excess the week after Thanksgiving), spoke gently to my throbbing right big toe, put it in park and jumped out of the car.

On cue, a voice calls “Hey there doc….” I caught the eye of a patient of mine with a bad back. Cane in hand he hobbled across the rows and rows of parked cars. My smile turned feeble as he eyed my Volvo parked haphazardly in the hatch marks between two handicapped spaces.

“Wow. You are taking up not ONE, but TWO handicapped spots Doc! Long day?” he asked jovially. As my tired mind tried frantically to jump from “Friday Night Plan” to “Save My Face” plan, it occured to me that I could only do one thing. Briefly, I considered faking an injury to justify my poor choice but thought better of it.

Interestingly, I did what my loathesome dog would do when caught with contraband. I tucked my tail between my legs, put my head down and moseyed my way back to the car which I then promptly moved to the “Take Out Only” parking exactly 10 feet away.


  1. Ed Nicolas says:

    Jammies on at 6:30 PM? Beer and wings? I wouldn’t mind that at all! Good for you.


  2. LOLLLL! awww i so understand. you are hilarious!

  3. My husband is the only one without his jammies on at 6:30 in this house! LOL!

  4. It truly doesn’t matter what time my work day ends; if it is 4:30 pm, or 8:30 pm, PJs are on! I have been known to go to the after-school bus-stop pick-up in fleece and slippers…

  5. I laughed out loud at the thought of you watching “15 different shows in 90 second snippets” because Chris had the remote!That makes me crazy! Why do men do that?!?!
    P.S. I am so loving your stories. Every single one (and I mean EVERY single one) has touched me and/or made me laugh. They remind me again what an amazing person you are and why you are so outstanding at what you do. Thanks for being you, Doc.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I was struck by the Chris/remote part too, but only because I have felt guilty about watching TV ever since we had our first child and he started giving us the no-tv-on-around-babies-under-two lecture. So he actually does watch TV himself?! Haha! But my husband operates the remote that way too!

    • Anonymous says:

      He growls at the TV disgusted by the “stupidity” of my shows. I keep trying to explain that Rachel Zoe is not Stupid just tired… He doesn’t buy it

  7. Don’t feel bad…….I can’t get my clogs, my jeans, my bra and jewelry off FAST ENOUGH after a long day at work. Flannel pants and a hairband bring me instant joy and relief. Sometimes I do this at 3pm. Sometimes I stop on the way home for a pizza and a salad ’cause I’m exhausted. I think they should have a sign that says “park here for 5 minutes if you’re just plain old tired.” ;-)

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