What a Wedding!


If all weddings were like Doug and Leigh’s, I would never dread another wedding invitation.

Leigh Friedman is a graphic designer turned friend. She is the owner of Full Circle Graphic Design and is single handedly responsible for the rebranding of my practice. From the brilliantly thought out logo to the perfectly laid out brochure, Leigh is the “art” and soul of it.

Doug Prescott is, by most accounts, the favorite teacher at our local elementary school. My Maisy was fortunate enough to have him for her second grade. At our first parent-teacher conference, Doug pulled out an essay Maisy had written about playing the cello. At that time, she had been playing for about two years. About a month ago, he called to speak to Maisy. Apparently, he had always thought that if he ever got married again, he would ask that little second grade girl to play the cello at his wedding. Well, my now pre-teen was moved to tears by that request. In a year marred by shy boys, mean girls, first bras and dreaded periods, my once-little-now-nearly-all-grown-up beauty finally smiled….the first real smile I had seen in a very long time.

So, these two amazing people, whose lives took them down very different paths only to bring them together, last weekend, got married at home.

Boy was it an amazing ceremony. Simple. Heartfelt. Beautiful. I laughed and cried the entire time.
As Chris and I come up on our 17th wedding anniversary, we are kicking ourselves for our “Big Fat Egyptian Wedding.” We have vowed a do-over.

It turns out, when you are in your 20s and getting married for the first time, you don’t really know what’s important. You dump energy and dollars into poofy gowns and gigantic centerpieces. You agonize over the details: “don’t walk too fast, don’t smile too big, not too much lipstick…”–none of which any one will ever remember.

When you are mature and getting married for the last time, you pick out meaningful readings and rout tealight openings into hand cut logs plucked from your yard. Somehow, the little unplanned moments (Leigh’s little girl Sydney’s unstoppable giggles, Doug’s ring getting stuck.) are critical and never to be forgotten.

I think Chris must have crushed my metacarpals a dozen times as we listened to those perfect readings. As we silently renewed our own vows in their family room, Doug and Leigh renewed our daughters self confidence. And, after a dreadful week, their celebration was just what my spirit needed to renew my belief in true love.

For that, I owe THEM a perfectly crafted, promptly mailed, hand written “Thank You” card. Perhaps, though, I will leave off the wax seal.



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